The new rollerskate sensation with innovative double suspension system

What have we been up to?

Life’s moving fast at Wheelzz. In the past months we’ve been busy for you creating the best skating experience ever. Here’s an overview:
New suspension system.
Yes, it’s even better than before. Now with much more power and we have added a personal settings system so you can customize your ride.
Weight reduction.
We sliced of an incredible 650 gr per skate! No need for extra kilo’s on your legs. We made your ride even more smooth and comfortable.
Recently we created proto#2. The first pair of skates with the patented Wheelzz system. Looking good, don’t you think? Time to start testing.
We did some severe testing with impressive results. Wheelzz are indeed ideal for cities or touring the countryside. Visit our Facebook page for video’s.

What’s next?

Now that we know there’s really no problem skating over pavements, brick roads or paved paths, surfaces you normally try to avoid, it’s time to focus on production. Coming months we will further develop Wheelzz to  make mass production possible.  A new chapter in our adventure begins…
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What makes Wheelzz special?
Experience the new roller skate sensation on roads, pavements etc.

Smooth riding all the way

No strain on legs or knees. Wheelzz take the beating!

Comfortable skating

The patended suspension system absorbs all bumps. 


Wheelzz are for fun, commuting to work or training.