We are a daft set of people. We had a great idea: let’s re-invent the roller skate.
So we did and the result is Wheelzz, the ultimate roller skate.

We are Dutch. You know, open minded people that go crazy when our country freezes over.
We get our skates out and go for miles and miles, skating rivers, lakes, canals and even the streets!

We are World & Olympic Skating Champions winning 24 out of the 36 speedskating medals at the last Winter Olympics.
So good that they had to change the rules so others might win every now and then.

Now we changed the rules for roller skating, introducing Wheelzz.

No strain on legs or knees
– smooth riding all the way –
Absorbs all bumps
–  innovative double suspension system –
All surfaces: streets, sidewalks etc.
– comfortable skating –